You are probably used to paying a commission for a product, or a percentage to your advisor based on assets they manage.  However, you may not be getting comprehensive financial planning in exchange for those commissions or asset-based fees.  Also, those traditional fee structures inherently have conflicts of interest that typically don’t work in your favor. 

WE ARE DIFFERENT – The way a Fiduciary Financial Advisor SHOULD be compensated!

We provide comprehensive retirement planning, tax optimization and ongoing investment management for one flat fee.  The fee is not based on how much your portfolio is worth!  As a fiduciary financial advisor, we believe the flat fee model allows us to provide you with comprehensive retirement planning and investment management without conflicts of interest.  Check out this chart below to see how our model compares.

flat fee-only fee sctructure
Our “Flat Fee-Only” Model – Ongoing Planning and Investment Management

Are you looking for comprehensive retirement planning and ongoing advice and guidance on the topics mentioned above?  Our Flat Fee-Only model with ongoing advice is perfect for you!

Our fee average is typically $2,500/quarter or $10,000/year.  For a $2mm portfolio, that is equivalent to 0.5%/year, if you compare it to the asset-based model.  The fees range depending on your level of complexity, and we will provide a final quote at the end of our Mutual Fit meeting. 

Our “One-Time Plan” Model
Do you want a second opinion on your situation but don’t require any ongoing support?  Or, do you want a review of your financial plan but would rather implement the investment strategy and ongoing planning yourself?  This service model could be for you.  We will take you through the same process up until the implementation phase, which will then be up to you to take action on the stated recommendations we provide.  Our fee ranges from $2,000 – $5,000, depending on the complexity of your plan.  We will provide a final quote at the end of our Mutual fit meeting.

*complexity factors include, but are not limited to; life stage, family situation, tax situation and investment portfolio.

**Our ongoing planning fee schedule ranges from $5,000-$17,000/year

***The percentage of assets based model varies widely in the industry, and this illustration was simply used based on our industry knowledge and experience.