Director of Operations and Client Support
Jessica, Director of Operations and Client Support


Hello and nice to meet you!  I originally grew up in Plano, Texas, but I now call Chattanooga, Tennessee my hometown after relocating there as a young girl. While a Southerner at heart, I began my career in Philadelphia, PA, and eventually relocated to the Washington, DC area where I pursued a career in Financial Services.  This is where I met my husband, who officially runs our firm, but I am of course the real “boss.” 

Money was never a big topic growing up, and my husband likes to joke that I was his most difficult “client” after getting married to me.  I preferred to keep all my money in a checking account rather than risking it with the stock market.  However, over the years I have learned so much about investing, and retirement planning and have developed a true appreciation how money can be used as a tool to pursue passions and simply do good in the community. 

I am a true “Boy Mom” to our sons; Tristan, Julian and Jackson.  After being a nanny for three girls in my early 20’s, I am truly blessed to have all boys (somewhat kidding, I love you girls)!  I have a big passion for animals and have been rescuing them ever since I was a young girl (sorry, Mom). My husband and I have rescued three dogs; Achilles, Nelly and Guinness. However, at this point, I am one rescue away from a divorce.

We look forward to meeting you and hopefully becoming a part of our “financial planning family!”