Why we created IFS

Our Story

Retirement planning involves important decisions.

– When can I officially retire confidently?

– When should I take Social Security?

– How do I draw an income from all of my retirement and investment accounts?

-How does my investment strategy change when I begin to draw income from the portfolio?

– How do taxes impact my retirement income?

– Should I purchase Long-term care Insurance?

– How do I tax efficiently pass assets on to the next generation?

These decisions you make in the final stretch before retirement and in the early years of retirement are critical.   Furthermore, having someone you can trust to look out for your best interests are paramount.  This is why Kevin founded Imagine Financial Security as a Fiduciary, Independent Financial Advisor and Investment Manager.  By eliminating the conflicts of interests, we are able to sit on your side of the table, not wall street’s. 


Who we serve

We have a deep passion for helping individuals and couples transition from working to Retired life.  The amount of preparation it takes to organize the assets our clients have accumulated and turning them into a well thought out income distribution plan is extremely rewarding.  This allows our clients to focus on what truly matters during their retirement such as, spending time with grandchildren, traveling, staying active, volunteering or even their next venture. 


Our Mission:

We strive to make a positive impact on our families, friends, clients, business colleagues and communities, and ultimately leave this world a better place than where we found it.

Our Core Values:

■ A belief that every client should be treated like family

■ A belief in Fiduciary responsibility to the client

■ A belief in personal ownership

■ A belief in proactive communication

■ A belief in giving back to the community