Retirement Planning Process

Let us first learn about you!

Mutual Fit Meeting

We will spend about 30 minutes via Zoom getting to know one another and deciding if we are a good fit to work together. We will then provide a list of financial documents needed to review in order to maximize the efficiency of our time in the Discovery Meeting. A Dropbox link will be emailed to share information securely.

Discovery Meeting

This meeting will be approximately 1 hour so we can learn all about your most important financial goals and uncover what keeps you up at night. (In person or Zoom meetings are available).

Financial Goal Plan

After spending time reviewing your financial statements, we will review our key findings and outline a specific action plan to ensure you are on track for your financial goals. We will also ensure you are protected from the risks that could derail your plan. (In person or Zoom meetings are available).


After prioritizing the action plan, we will help you make progress towards achieving your goals and staying on track with regular reviews. (In person or Zoom meetings are available).

Not ready to schedule a Mutual Fit meeting yet? No problem! Start with our Retirement Readiness quiz and we will provide a complementary analysis to see if you are on track for your goals.