Understanding the purpose for your wealth is at the core of how
we will begin to help you on your journey to Financial Security.

Our Story

Financial issues are a leading cause of divorce, stress and anxiety. A big reason is, there are very few professionals people can rely on and trust to share their greatest financial wishes, and ultimately their biggest financial fears. Having someone to trust to have these courageous conversations is paramount, which is why Kevin founded “Imagine Financial Security” as a fiduciary and a fee only Financial Planning firm. There are no hidden fees or commissions and therefore no hidden agenda. IFS works for their clients, and their clients only. By starting with an in depth goal setting process, we will help people dream about what is most important to them and also what keeps them up at night.

Our Services

Young Families and Professionals

Risk Management Analysis

Retirement Planning

Portfolio Management

Intergenerational Wealth Planning


Our mission is to align our clients financial assets with their purpose and create excitement for their personal retirement and multi-generational wealth plans.

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