Ep. 19 – Tax Loss Harvesting to Create Tax Free Retirement Income

Sometimes “hanging tight” isn’t the best solution during times of volatility. We’ve had two bear markets since the Great Recession of 2008. COVID-19 was the first, and the inflation that ensued thereafter in 2021-2022 led to the second. Tax Loss Harvesting involves selling investments when they are down in value (in a taxable account) to create a realized loss for tax purposes. You can then use these losses in current or future years (retirement) to reduce taxes!

These opportunities don’t come every year, so it’s important to take advantage while you (still) can!

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Kevin Lao

I am the founder of Imagine Financial Security. We are a Flat Fee, Fiduciary Financial Advisor based in Jacksonville, FL. We specialize in retirement planning for blended families, tax optimization and investment management. We can work with you locally in Jacksonville or St Augustine, as well as virtually anywhere in the United States.