Ep. 28 – The top estate planning concern leading DIY investors to hire a fiduciary financial advisor, and what you can learn from it

Opposites attract, and this bleeds into the world of personal finance. There is a reason why the #1 cause for marital issues is related to personal finances. Well, when planning for retirement, this is no different. There’s oftentimes a “CFO” of the household, and a “Non-CFO.” It varies, depending on the couple, how much the “Non-CFO” is involved and/or interested in the personal finances. But either way, the concern is if the “Non-CFO” spouse had to take over the “CFO” role. As we get older, we realize we aren’t Superman or Superwoman. Then the question becomes, how do you equip the “Non-CFO” to minimize financial stress if and when they have to take over the “CFO” role? We’ll unpack all of this and more! I hope you find this episode to be helpful! -Kevin

Kevin Lao

I am the founder of Imagine Financial Security. We are a Flat Fee, Fiduciary Financial Advisor based in Jacksonville, FL. We specialize in retirement planning for blended families, tax optimization and investment management. We can work with you locally in Jacksonville or St Augustine, as well as virtually anywhere in the United States.