Month: September 2021

6 Stress Tests for a Bulletproof Retirement

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Have you stress tested your retirement plans? If you are within 10 years of retirement, you must have a plan for the 6 “what-if” scenarios that could derail your financial goals.

The year was 2007, and my parents were all set to retire in just 12 short months. My Dad worked in IT and is a first generation American. My Mom was a preschool teacher and had no retirement benefits. She knew little about what was going on with their financial plans aside from listening to my Dad complain every time the market was down. As we now know, 2007 was the beginning of the Great Recession, which is the worst recession we’ve seen in our lifetime. Stock markets were down close to 50% and unemployment reached 10%. Like many other hard working Americans, the Great Recession of 2008 ended up pushing my parents’ retirement back 11 years. I made it my mission to help every day families prepare for the what-if scenarios when planning for retirement, including:

  • What if we go through a recession like 2008?
  • What if one, or both of us live longer than expected?
  • What if there are changes to Social Security?
  • What if market returns are lower than we anticipate?
  • What if there is higher than expected inflation?
  • What if there is a long-term care event during retirement?

These are the 6 most common concerns that keep my clients up at night.  My value proposition is to stress test each one of them and ensure their plans are bulletproof to and through retirement.  I look forward to meeting you live at our webinar.

This is my wife, Jessica, and oldest son, Tristan. We have since welcomed twin boys to our family, Julian and Jackson!